This is just a small sample of some of our recent work


Frank Turner  - Production and mixing credits on Tattoos and Cowboy Chords. Tape Deck Heart Bonus tracks.



Out of the Blue



Andrew Pearse -



The Future Rays  


Formed in January 2014, Jon Harris and Rory Kirkpatrick began writing songs with the idea of putting a band together. Shortly after guitarist Danny Fisher and bass player Everton Barbato joined and formed Oxford band ‘The Future Rays’. Having spent six months writing and rehearsing, the band recorded their first demo with producer and engineer Nick Moorbath at Evolution Recording Studios. 2015 will be a busy year for the band as they plan their first music video, their official EP launch and their first UK tour.





Rabbit Foot Spasm Band



The Knights of Mentis



Tommy Bastow 



Sanguine Hum



The Big Sun


The Little Pool @ San Vernanzo - The Big Sun ----------------------- SoundCloud や全国 (ならびに地方) のラジオ局で千回以上、この楽曲をオンエア。BBC Radio 2 と Radio 6の音楽担当責任者であるジェフ・スミスはこの楽曲について「このグループを知る良いキッカケになる良質のトラックだ」とコメント。 -----------------------


Uncle Franko




Voiceover, Film and Educational Links


Boxtrolls Trailer 



Red Bull


ORA Prep 


How we used to live / Heavenly Films